Lanneke Jones


Background: Born Sydney. Studied UNSW & Sydney Conservatorium; Member of The Song Company; National and International Touring; Director of event consultancy and private teaching studio Music For Occasions; Current: Music Festival Director and Senior Music Teacher, Loreto Kirribilli; Choral Director, SingUp Choirs 2013-present.
Gondwana Choirs: Conductor of Mini choirs.
Other performances: Contemporary R&B, Jazz singer with bands including Soul Kiss and A cappella quartet Sorelle. Member of Café of the Gate of Salvation; Member of Opera Australia; Philharmonia Choir and Motet.
Recordings: SCC Studio Day CD 2015; The Song Company; Sideband Collective for Naxos; Multiple soundtracks with Cantillation; Soloist National Baroque-Pergolesi Stabat Mater, Mozart Requiem.