Caroline Sharpen

Principal, Sharpen Creative Industries Consulting

Caroline Sharpen is an experienced strategist and consultant with a deep understanding of the creative sector. With more than 17 years senior executive experience in cultural organisations in Australia and the USA, Caroline has successfully overseen the development of corporate and business unit strategy which places creative integrity at the heart of revenue growth. She has worked with boards and fundraising committees around the country to raise contributed capital and develop commercialisation strategies for company IP.

A trusted and respected stakeholder manager, Caroline has worked with Governments, corporate partners and many of Australia’s most generous philanthropists, aligning the needs of organisations with the goals, values and beliefs of their supporters.

As a classically-trained musician Caroline laid the foundations of creative thinking, listening, identifying patterns and connecting disparate or incongruent ideas. With degrees in music, musicology and an MBA, Caroline understands the dual drivers of creative industries businesses and the challenges involved in balancing creative integrity with fiscal imperatives. Her approach lies in pursuit of clear strategy and communication, leadership and an uncompromising approach to organisational culture and retaining talented people.