Choral Ideas Symposium


10, 16, 17 & 18 January, 2019
Ainsworth Building, University of New South Wales

*NESA COURSE CODE: GCIS2019 (total 21 hours – all four days)

**WEEK 1: Thursday 10 January, 8.30am – 12.30pm – NESA Course code: GCIS1001 (3 Hours)
Early Observation Day
Come along to observe a full morning of rehearsals at National Choral School when all the choirs are just starting to develop the amazing choral sound you will hear in performances a week later. Watch experienced conductors teach new repertoire for the first time, observe how they fix problems with notes, tuning, blend, text and rhythm and obtain some insights into how to create an energetic rehearsal culture as they shape these young choristers from all over Australia. There will be an opportunity to discuss and reflect on different aspects of the sessions including rehearsal techniques and the planning that goes into what you observe, to enrich the experience.
Participants can choose to observe the younger choirs at primary and early high school level and/or the more senior choirs, which are at a senior high school level and beyond.
**Currently only available as part of the 4-Day Symposium Pass 

WEEK 2: Wednesday 16, Thursday 17 and Friday 18 January
Immerse yourself in choral music with lectures, masterclasses, workshops and concerts. Work with some of the greatest choral conductors in Australia and join a special presentation from Simon Halsey CBE. Leading music educators taking part are Lyn Williams OAM, Anita Collins, Graeme Morton, Elizabeth Vierboom, Lauren Hannay and Brett Weymark. Participants gain access to rehearsals of the Gondwana National Choirs in addition to the curated sessions.
All Week 2 full-day prices include that evening’s Festival of Summer Voices concert.
4-Day Symposium Pass – $300

WEDNESDAY 16 JAN – NESA Course code: GCIS1601 (6 hours)

Circle Games with Elizabeth Vierboom
Wondering how to get your classroom or choir alive with song? Elizabeth Vierboom will explore some of the different ways you can make singing a part of every day through active learning circle songs and warm-ups for any age. These songs and games engage the whole class or choir with singing, listening, moving and playing together. Students build confidence in singing and develop skills in tuning, blending, rhythm and harmony without even realising it.
Finding the right repertoire with Ruth McCall. Sing through new works and plan your choir’s program.
Ruth McCall will guide you through the pitfalls of finding good choral repertoire that really works with your students and point you towards valuable websites and resources. There will be the opportunity to sing through some new choral works and help you plan a balanced and enriching choral program for the new school/choral year!
Conducting Class. Director of the Gondwana Conducting Academy, Graeme Morton will focus on the importance of gesture: how do your choirs respond to what you do with your hands.
Building beautiful choral tone in high school and youth choirs with Lauren Hannay
7pm – Festival of Summer Voices Opening Gala Concert
Cost: $125
Or, buy a 4-Day Symposium Pass – $300

THURSDAY 17 JAN -NESA Course code: GCIS1701 (6 hours)
Indigenous Music – how to share a rich culture with sensitivity
Elizabeth Vierboom and Bernie Heard
There is a growing range of choral music in different indigenous languages out there and it is a wonderful resource to enrich your choir’s musical life and understanding. This music needs to be sung with consideration and sensitivity and this session will look at how to access this rich repertoire and further support its development around Australia. Bernie Heard and Elizabeth Vierboom will share their experiences and ideas so that this cultural treasure continues to be preserved and shared.
The Benefits of a system: different approaches to music literacy
Panellists include Elizabeth Vierboom and Mark O’Leary
Every year choristers are expected to demonstrate music-reading skills in their audition for National Choral School. The importance of music literacy in the complete musician is often underestimated and recent studies have shown that it is most beneficial to the intellectual development of each individual. Approaches to sight singing are many and varied and often need to be tailored to suit individual learning styles. A variety of ideas will be discussed by a panel including Mark O’Leary (creator of the website SightSingingSchool), a leading Orff educator, and Elizabeth Vierboom, conductor and educator.
Artistic Director of Sydney Philharmonia Choirs will take participants through nuts and bolts of a solid rehearsal technique.
Q&A with NCS conductors –
You’ve seen them in rehearsal, now is your chance to quiz the brains trust of the artistic staff of National Choral School
7pm – Kaleidoscope Concert – Special Performance Projects
Cost: $125
Or, buy a 4-Day Symposium Pass – $300

FRIDAY 18 JAN – NESA Course code: GCIS1801 (6 hours)
Workshop with Suara Indonesia Dance combining the traditional music and dance elements of Randai, using the galembong pants to create rhythms, body percussion, voice and talempong pacik (small hand-held gongs).
A cappella with Naomi Crellin. Become a vocal chameleon by learning to alter your voice to suit different styles and blend with different voices within your ensemble.
Presentation – Simon Halsey CBE
The importance of singing with Dr Anita Collins, award-winning educator, researcher and writer in the field of brain development and music learning.
7pm – Gondwana Chorale in Recital, as they prepare for their European tour.
Cost: $125
Or, buy a 4-Day Symposium Pass – $300

Completing all four days of GCIS2019 will contribute 21 hours of NESA Registered PD addressing 6.2.2, 6.3.2, 7.4.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW. Individual days are also available, GCIS1001, GCIS1601, GCIS1701, GCIS1801, each contributing 3 or 6 hours of NESA Registered PD addressing the same standards.


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*Choral Ideas Symposium course content and presenters are subject to change.