Mahler 3: Heartwarming Voices with Sydney Symphony Orchestra


We’re thrilled to be performing with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra – Mahler’s expansive, all-embracing Third Symphony will fill you with joy to be alive!
Wed 19 Jul / 8:00 pm
Fri 21 Jul / 8:00 pm
Sat 22 Jul / 8:00 pm
Mon 24 Jul / 7:00 pm
More than ‘uplifting’, Mahler’s irresistible Third Symphony is capable of taking you into the stratosphere. Listen to its glorious, radiant finale and only the most pessimistic person could stay gloomy, only the hardest heart could remain unmoved. Awakening nature is the inspiration, the dream of a summer morning, and angelic voices lead us beyond the world and its cares. ‘Mahler could tug at your heartstrings like nobody else,’ says American mezzo-soprano Susan Graham. His music ‘always has that level of intellectual depth which goes to the heart and doesn’t just stop at the brain.’

DATE 19-24 July 2017

TIME 8pm

LOCATION Sydney Opera House